And what if animal skins were cellular automata?

Have you ever contemplated some exotic fish and wonder with awe at their beauty? And what if their skins were just cellular automata? Impossible? Have rather a look below! (Wait a while until calculations are completed.)

Nice, isn't it? And now how about trying your own patterns? Use the calculator below to simulate the following animal skins:

Pattern calculator

Usage: Cells at distance r1 or less have weight 1, cells whose distance is between r1 and r2 have weight w2. Farther away cells have weight 0. If the weighted sum of all the cells is positive, the cell becomes 1 (foreground color), if it is negative, the cell becomes 0 (background color), if it is null, the state of the cell doesn't change. The ellipticity is a facteur that distort the distance in one direction. The calculation starts with a random pattern with the specified filling ratio. Good luck!

Hint: Try first to change w2 between -0.2 and -0.35.

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